Motortrade Price Calculator

Motortrade has an online tool (Facebook application) Motortrade Price Calculator which gives approximation cost of their Motorcycles. With Motortrade Price Calculator you will be able to know the prices of the most popular motorcycles in the Philippines like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and more.

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You’ll need to fill up the form in order for you to get the approximate cost. Choose from the drop-down the brand, model, location, branch, payment terms and downpayment. Choose the payment terms and downpayment according to your budget then click calculate to get your monthly payment. If you prefer to buy cash, choose cash (under payment terms) then click calculate to get the price of your dream motorcycle.

See it in action the Motortrade Price Calculator here. You’ll need first to like Motortrade Facebook page to use Motortrade Price Calculator. Click this link then just click okay and you will redirected to Motortrade Price Calculator.

To get the most accurate motorcycle prices, contact the nearest Motortrade branch.


  1. pwede ko na pala malaman dito yung price ng tmx supremo and barako 175. ma-try nga.

  2. if mag down aq ng half price ng smash or vega its php57thou & php53thou tpos gusto ko xiang byaran in 1year mgknu po ang mgiging monthly q

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